Acrow PropsStrong, adjustable steel props used to support ceilings, walls & floors
Available in various sizes. They are suitable to use with Strong Boys
1 Day2 Days3 daysWeekWeekend
Acrow PropsMinimum 1 week Hire£7.00
Trench Props
1 Day2 Days3 daysWeekWeekend
Trench PropsMinimum 1 Week Hire£7.00
1 Day2 Days3 DaysWeek
Prop Pal£15.00£19.00£22.00£25.00
Strong Boys are used for placing between a course of brick or block wall
Strong Boyand supported with Acrow props to enable the wall to be removed
1 Day2 Days3 daysWeekWeekend
Strong BoysMinimum 1 Week hire£8.50