Heller Drill Bits

Heller drill bits

Heller, a successful manufacturer of professional quality drill bits, was founded more than 160 years ago. The company tradition of high quality tool manufacturing with which the Heller name is synonymous, goes back even further-right back to 1583.

Once again P.E.T. offer a quality product at competitive prices. We stock Heller Drill bits for most applications.


Masonry drills   Bionic Pro SDS-Plus Hammer Drill Bits

Long service life and low probability of breakage even on impact with reinforcement, thanks to the highly effective technique of hardening by blasting.

Tungsten carbide cutting edge with cutting tooth profile for effective grinding of the drilling material

High drilling speed thanks to wide twinmax spiral Optimum low-vibration drilling which  protects the user


Heller wood drills   Wood Drilling

Precise drill holes are very important when it comes to working with building components or the fabrication of high-quality wooden parts. For example, holes in visible areas define the aesthetics of a piece of furniture and holes which are out of sight are crucial to the accuracy of the structure. For that reason, special precision wood drill bits must be used when working with wood.




Heller metal drilling   Cutting blades & Steel drill bits.

Tradesmen who work with wood and metal equally value the merits of the jigsaw & recipro saw blades. Many of the kinds of cut used on the construction site or in industrial manufacturing are possible with a jigsaw or recipro saw. Whether for dismounting components or for the geometrically accurate cutting of plates or sections made of wood, metal or plastic, jigsaw & recipro saw blades are perfect.

High-quality tools are crucial when working with metal. For components to fit together perfectly, the drill hole must be quite precise. Out-of-round or off-line holes with burrs can necessitate rework, which has a huge effect on the quality of workmanship. For these reasons, it is essential to use drill bits manufactured in compliance with the applicable DIN standards.


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