Breaking & Drilling

Breakers and drills

1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Cordless Tools
18v Drills/Saws etc.£18.00£32.40£39.60£43.20£46.80£25.20
1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Light Duty Electric Breaker 7kg£30.00£54.00£66.00£72.00£78.00£42.00
Medium Duty Electric Breaker 10kg£36.00£64.80£79.20£86.40£93.60£50.40
Heavy Duty Electric Breaker (Hilti)£55.00£99.00£121.00£132.00£143.00£77.00
Cobra Breaker (2 stroke)£60.00£108.00£132.00£144.00£187.20£84.00
Heavy Duty Petrol Breaker (Hydraulic)£55.00£99.00£121.00£132.00£143.00£77.00
CP9 Small Air Breaker£35.00£52.00£80.00
CP222 Medium Air Breaker£35.00£52.00£80.00
Large Air Breaker£40.00£60.00£90.00
Diamond drilling rig
1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Diamond Drilling Rig£150.00£270.00£330.00£360.00£390.00£210.00
Vacuum Pump£30.00£54.00£66.00£72.00£78.00£42.00
Water Dust Suppression£7.50£13.50£16.50£18.00£19.50£9.80
52mm Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£33.00
78mm Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£54.00
107mm Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£74.00
127mm Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£88.00
152mm Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£98.00
182mm Diamond Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£112.00
200mm Diamond Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£130.00
227mm Diamond Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£145.00
300mm Diamond Core Bit (Wet)PRICE PER MM£160.00
Impact wrench
1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Impact Wrench 1/2”£16.00£28.80£34.60£38.40£41.60£22.40
Magnetic Drills1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Small Magnetic Drill (Up to 32mm)£44.00£79.20£96.80£105.60£114.40£61.60
Large Magnetic Drill (Up To 60mm)£60.00£108.00£132.00£144.00£156.00£84.00
Angle Drill
Right Angle Drill1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
3/8 Angle Drill£24.00£43.20£52.80£57.60£62.40£33.60
1/2” Angle Drill£24.00£43.20£52.80£57.60£62.40£33.60
Makita diamond core drill
Hand Held Diamond Core Drill1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Diamond Core Drill£20.00£36.00£44.00£48.00£52.00£28.00
38mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£16.00
50mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£20.00
75mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£22.00
102mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£25.00
117mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£28.00
125mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£28.00
150mm Core BitPRICE PER MM£33.00
Rotary & Hammer Drills1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
1/2” Percussion Drill£20.00£36.00£44.00£48.00£52.00£28.00
2kg Small S.D.S. Hammer Drill£20.00£36.00£44.00£48.00£52.00£28.00
4kg Medium Duty S.D.S. Hammer£26.00£46.80£57.20£62.40£67.60£36.40
7kg Heavy duty SDS Max Hammer£30.00£54.00£66.00£72.00£78.00£42.00
Screwdrivers1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekWeekend
Tek Screwdriver£20.00£36.00£44.00£48.00£52.00£28.00
Collated Screwdriver (Up to 45mm)£16.00£28.80£34.60£38.40£41.60£22.40