V Series Safety Boots

V12 footwearWhen it comes to tough resilient footwear that offers safety and comfort, V12 lead the way. They have developed a diverse range of work wear boots for the toughest industries around the world.

Thier process involves working closely with wearers to understand the functionality of thier shoes. Like how long they are worn for, what features would improve wear – basically how the shoe ‘lives’. Once they have generated a design that fulfills all these things, they scour the globe for the best possible materials. Then they test the prototypes to breaking point by crushing, stretching and pummeling every part of every new design. They consult with a panel of wearers to find out if anything else can be added. And once they’ve got the thumbs up they go into production, using state of the art manufacturing processes to make comfortable, reliable shoes that guarantee wearer satisfaction.